Liverpool 6-1 Watford Premier League, placing them at #1. November 6, 2016

Liverpool skyrocketed to the top of the Premier League for the first time under manager Jurgen Klopp in an enormous victory against Watford at Anfield.

Goals made:


  • Mané (27′minutes, 60′minutes)
  • Coutinho (30′minutes)
  • Can (43′minutes)
  • Firmino (57′minutes)
  • Wijnaldum (90’+1minutes)


  • Janmaat (75′minutes)

Manager Jurgen Klopp  spoke out after the match saying:

“When the result gives you the impression that it is easy there is a lot of hard work behind that. The result is wonderful and the performance is terrific.

“But Chelsea yesterday were not bad, Manchester City against Barcelona not bad, Arsenal great movement and Tottenham – oh my god. We need to be good.

“Good results and performances help confidence. We will send the players all around the world and hopefully they come back healthy for the big challenge of Southampton.

“There is nothing to celebrate in the moment – this is our responsibility to play well when you put on the red of Liverpool. It is all good until now.”




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