Chelsea could have points deducted after disciplinary incident with Manchester City

According to The Mirrior, Premier League club leaders Chelsea could be the first club since 1990 to be hit with points deduction following the brawl with Manchester City.

This is their 5th disciplinary incident in 19 months.

But Chelsea will stand their ground. Asked whether he was worried Chelsea would be docked points, Conte replied: “Are you joking? For me, if you are involved in a situation and the fault is not your one, you must pay? Why? I don’t understand this. Manchester City and Chelsea, at the end of the game, my players tried to keep their calm. I don’t understand this. I repeat, I don’t understand this.

“We are trying to improve in all aspects, also this. For this reason, I reply: you must be joking. You must be honest and understand which team is at fault.

“We had a bad record in the past, but now we are different. I think that, in every game, you fight a lot during 90 minutes and, when the referee whistles at the end, it’s important to finish. I don’t know what happened in the past. I know what happened in the present. After the game between City and Chelsea, you could see very clearly that my players tried to keep their calm.”


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